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Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Breathe out ... Breathe out all the air from your lungs and you willrealize that you can breathe again. Breathe in fully, you are under water. Thewater weighs nothing and you can breathe it in, it's so natural and simple. Afleeting realization: This is a dream! And now the mirage collapses,transforms, attempting to carry you into a new world in which the intensity ofyour experience will not allow you to consider the essence of the dream. Butyou are already wary, and, over and over again, you refute the illusion.

And now, you are on a family vacation, surrounded by smiling relatives,and you recognize them, and they are glad to see you. Apparently, it'ssomeone's birthday, and everyone who is so dear to you, is in attendance. HowIdyllic! That is, until you focus your attention on the unfamiliar faces in thecrowd, and you begin to realize that they merely look like your loved ones. Thehouse is not the same one you grew up in, only a few aspects are the same. Inthis moment, everything will come to a stand still. All those gathered willgaze at you, with absent, empty looks, in anticipation of something unknown.

- Is this a dream? - My question echoed through the unmoving room.

- Yes - was the answer.

- Are you not my family?

- No.

- Are you real?

- Yes.

This iswhen I awoke.

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