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Oleksii Gnievyshev


"The artist is a scout into the unknown. His consciousness dives into new depths of the human subconscious and studies new ideas to give to people."


Art is the way to our subconscious, our feelings, experiences and inner powers. Each picture is a window into another world from which you can take something for yourself. I believe that the power of art is incredibly great. It can help us approach a phenomenon as fundamental as enlightenment. Everyone heard of him, but few could even begin to understand him. Thanks to many years of work on myself and creative search, I realized that there is a way through art. In my paintings all my knowledge, subconscious, lucid dreaming, meditation and much more are intertwined into a whole. I am confident that such an awakening, which the brain and spirit are capable of, can greatly transform our society. It will bring peace, understanding and prosperity.

Oleksii Gnievyshev is a highly professional artist, master of realistic painting. He was born in Ukraine in 1991. He successfully graduated from the Kiev Academy of Arts and studied with a private teacher Vladimir Bagalika for 5 years. Since 2014 he lives and works in Brühl, Germany. His paintings are in private collections and museums around the world.

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