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Chapter 4: Hugs

Another ground-breaking discovery for me was the ability to experience the most joyful emotional event I had encountered up to that point in a dream. These events were nothing more than the typical greeting hugs. This came about, when I tried my hand at creating and naming characters in my lucid dreams.

As imitations of real people, they were quiteflawed. Conversations with them were rarely helpful. They had a tendency to be eitherpassive, or, more often than not, to hate me for seeing through theirdeception. In such cases, they tried, in every possible way, to distract andcaptivate me with a new dream. Hugging them, though, is incredible. Even thoughI realized that I was dreaming, and the people in front of me weren't real, Istill hugged them in greeting. By doing so, I felt the boundless love andconnection of our souls. The pleasure of this embrace reached such heights that onecould compare it to sexual pleasure, but the experience had an altogetherdifferent character.

It was rather as if afeeling of love was bursting from within me, radiating energy from the solarplexus, and, from there, forming a connection with the dream person. These feelings were so strong that, if I cried in the dream, I would also sob in my sleep. It allowed me to say goodbye to peoplewhose life paths would never cross mine again. I expressed love for my parentsand even for my unborn children. This turned out to be an almost better way tocommunicate than through words. Emotions speak for themselves.

In my subsequent dreams,I began to use the hug as a source of strength. Before, I had struggled withdreams over my right to be aware of them. I did not obey, and often foughtbravely, defusing nightmares. The irony of my struggle was that it is so much easier to defeat them by doing the opposite: by expressing love.

At one occasion, in mysleep, I was to spend the night in a gloomy old house, and spicing up thesituation, the dream made me aware that it was a haunted house. At this stage,I had not been afraid in dreams for a long time, knowing that it was downrightimpossible for me to have a nightmare. But I also did not feel thrilled by theidea of the plot taking such a turn.

So, when I saw threeghosts that looked like floating white bedspreads, I simply walked over andhugged the one closest to me. The ghost went limp and took on the form of agirl, and so did the others. They asked me to give them names. Then, they said,they would be free. So the dream radically changed its shape, obeying my emotions.

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