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Chapter 7: The Wall of Mist

A few years later

Vasya, hello! You're not gonna believe it: I found it! I found a wall of mist in my dream!

This was the beginning of a message that I sent to a childhood friend with whom I had enthusiastically discussed Castaneda's books. However, I had not kept in touch, and had stopped talking to her many years ago.

It all started with the fact that, the previous day, I had had a lucid dream. The realization came to me as I sat in the back seat of a car next to my sister while her husband was driving. As my awareness of the dream state grew, I began to perceive them more clearly and came to realize that I was surrounded by the entities of dreams: Snovids.

I said candidly:

- I know that I am dreaming.

- What gave away the dream?

- Before we were driving, I was in a house that changed its shape, violating the laws of physics.

- Obviously.

I noticed that the mode of our communication was nuanced, but rather fast. As if, by telepathy, I could instantly convey my thoughts to them, not merely through words, but also through shapes. The shifting geometry of the house, I had explained by visualizing it, rather than speaking out loud. From their reaction, it was clear that they had perfectly understood what I meant. I turned to the "sister" and said with determination:

- I want to talk to you, ask questions.

- Ask away.

We talked for a long time. Unfortunately, since this dream happened late at night, in the morning, I found that I could only remember fragments of dialogue and little phrases. As it turned out later, I had only retained the most crucial points.

I asked where they were from and whether they were part of the dream.

- We are not part of your dream. We were watching you from the other side of the mist, and then we visited you here.

- Are you not from earth? Are you from another planet?

They just laughed softly.

- We are not from earth, but we are no space aliens, either.

Then they showed me where they had come from, or rather, they showed me a wall of dense mist, which seemed to pulsate ever so slightly.

- We were on the other side of the wall.

- This is the same wall I have seen in my dreams. Is this the border of the dream?

- Yes, this is what you call the boundary of the dream.

I could remember only these snippets on the next morning, and I was quite disappointed. It was even difficult to recall the answers in the right order, at first. I remembered what they said about a wall of mist, and that they were not aliens. What nonsense, I had wasted invaluable time of my lucid dream, and I could still remember almost nothing.

Then, the next day, I practiced my recapitulation. I was at a hair salon and reviewing the events of my life. I tried to recall past events in detail, it helps me to develop my concentration.

As the hairdresser was washing my hair, I plunged into the memories of my early childhood, when my mother bathed me and tenderly washed my hair every time. I remembered in detail the bathroom, my mother and my little bathrobe, which my sister had worn when she was younger. It was covered in colorful polka dots. And then it dawned on my like a flash of lightning. My dreams had shown me the wall of fog!

Everyone who has read the books of Carlos Castaneda even once knows how important this is. The wall of fog is like a portal to other worlds. Until now, Castaneda's teachings had always seemed unreal and fanciful to me. It's the part of the books that you can immediately perceive as part of the author's imagination because everyone knows that magic isn't real. And yet, just the other night, I had stood in front of it, that legendary wall.

Moreover, I was now convinced that I knew where it was and how to find it again. Now that I knew the way, I could come there whenever I wanted. The creatures in my dreams had shown me the outside of it. All these experiences perfectly matched the experiences of Castaneda. He was right! The wall exists!

I was amazed.

Thehairdresser was still cutting my hair, but everything had changed for me. Thedream, which had seemed like such nonsense only moments earlier, appearedclearly to me as the most important, frank dream of my practice.

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