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Scylla 2019

Scylla 2019

 Oil on canvas 

130x95 cm 2019



Scylla (Greek Σκύλλα) is the daughter of King Nisos of Megara in Greek mythology.

When King Minos of Crete first besieged Megara on a campaign of revenge against Athens - whose ruler Nisos was a brother of the Attic king Aegeus - Scylla fell in love with the Cretan. She cut off her father's purple curl which gave him immortality; so Nisos could be defeated.

Minos thanked her badly: he let
 tie them to his ship and drag them through the sea. Maybe she fell into the sea too; in any case, she was finally transformed into the bird (or fish) Kirris (lat. Ciris), while her father Nisos was transformed into a sea eagle.

In some sources, Scylla was also associated with the sea monster Scylla.

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