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Oil on canvas

100 x140 cm 2018

7 200 euros


The Sphinx of Greek mythology was the daughter of the monster Typhon and Echidna and thus sister of Hydra, Chimera, Cerberus and Orthos. She was considered a demon of destruction and mischief.

The Sphinx was usually considered the daughter of Typhon and Echidna. According to another version, which mentions Pausnias, she was an illegitimate daughter of Laius; the Boioter Ukalegon is also named as her father. The Sphinx stayed on Mount Phikeion, west of Thebes, and killed passing travelers, including, according to some versions, Haimon son of Creon. At least in versions from the 6th century BC. Chr. she gives her victims a riddle. Those who could not solve the riddle of the sphinx were strangled by her and then devoured.

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