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Oil and acrylic on canvas

140x100cm 2017



Oleksii Gnievyshev has a unique and special painting style that combines classic realism with a modern touch. In a series of images, Oleksii Gnievyshev tells stories from Greek mythology and shows an interplay between humans and animals. His images are lively and powerful: the animals embody a certain mood and the interaction between the figures tells a story. Influences from Asian culture can also be seen in Gnievyshev's works. The fascination with Japan stems not only from a general interest, but also from the artist's historical and family background: Oleksii's family has roots in Japan. When asked about the inspiration for his work, Gnievyshev speaks of the fascinating energies that humans radiate and a certain kind of wisdom that animals possess. It is the beauty of the interplay between two beings that gives meaning and depth to his art.

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